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Direct Primary Care for Employers

Simple. Transparent. Inclusive.

What is Direct Primary Care (DPC)?

Direct Primary Care is an innovative approach to healthcare that covers the full scope of primary care needs for a flat monthly fee. Employees have easy access to their provider anytime they need it so minor health issues don’t become something major. Knowing their chronic health conditions and any minor illnesses are covered completely results in quicker access to care and lower healthcare costs overall.


Claims-free, monthly membership fee.


Eliminate co-pays and deductibles for primary care.


Covers 80-90% of day-to-day healthcare needs.


Helps avoid costly ER and urgent care visits.


Reduces employee sick / lost time.

How is DPC through PL Providers different?

PL Providers unites DPC physicians into a single, complete solution for employers. Beyond the exceptional care these physicians provide for your employees, we can provide the strategy to help you implement a DPC solution that fits your business. Whether you’re looking for a robust cost-containment strategy or simply to offer baseline healthcare for your business, PL Providers is your gateway to a complete DPC solution.


Convenient, single monthly payment for easy billing.


Employees can choose any of our affiliated providers.


Administrative support for eligibility / roster management.


Have a broker/advisor? We can work with them.

Multi-state coverage and growing

Don’t see coverage in the area you need? Let us know!

We can work to build our network in that area and create a solution that meets your needs.

Client Testimonial

See how one small business owner is experiencing the benefits of Direct Primary Care through PL Providers.

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