Jenny Le looks forward to being your partner-in-health! She was born in Pontiac, Michigan and later raised in a small town two hours north of Detroit – Bad Axe, Michigan. She left Bad Axe for high school in Massachusetts but later came back to the University of Michigan for undergraduate and medical school. After nine years in Ann Arbor, Michigan, she decided that she had enough of the snow and cold and looked for somewhere considerably warmer. She ended up doing her family medicine residency at the University of Texas in Houston.

There, she met her first Asian American guy that had a cowboy hat, Texas accent and drawled “howdy”! She was so taken by his charming manner that she decided to marry him! Hamilton has been one of the biggest blessings in her life. In fact, he was the one that brought her to Oklahoma. They moved here in the summer of 2001 when he started his surgical residency at OU. During that time, she worked for Integris and the Kickapoo tribe.

In 2006, they left Oklahoma after he graduated from his surgery residency, so Hamilton could serve on Active Duty in the Army. Along the way, they had stops in California and Germany. Their time in the Army was an amazing experience, and gave her a deep appreciation for being an American, especially after being a military wife with a husband who was deployed to Iraq. After five years away from Oklahoma, they couldn’t stay away and came back! Jenny and Hamilton realized that Oklahoma is where they wanted to raise their two children – Jasmyne and Austin. Jasmyne is now a teenager and Austin is a tween. Both are thriving and have reinforced that they made a great decision to raise them in the Sooner State!

The Le family has been back since July, 2011. Jenny was at OU-P Fountainlake in Edmond until December 2017. She loves being a primary care physician and has really enjoyed her time at OU. With healthcare in transition, she felt like she wanted to go back to the core of what medicine means to her – the special relationship between a provider and her patient. She wants to have the time to really focus on getting to know her patients and what their concerns are rather than jumping through hoops for bureaucratic reasons. She truly believes in the biopsychosocial model of medicine. She thinks that our spiritual and emotional health is tied to our physical health. It is all interconnected and equally important. She thinks lifestyle and living a balanced life is important for overall health. She focuses on trying to keep people healthy by helping them make good lifestyle choices for them. Jenny loves and values her relationships with her patients. She feels that she has been “called” to medicine and it is a part of who she is. She looks forward to partnering with you towards healthier, happier, and more balanced life.